Hallmark Printable Activities for Kids

Hallmark website has a cool range of activities that are printable for the children to have fun with. On the Hallmark website, there are numerous links that take you to printable charts with activities for the little ones. The activities include coloring charts, games, masks, cards, fun calendars and lots more. To get them all then head on to the provided link and print them for free.

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Children’s First Free Cutlery Set

Made for Mums have teamed up with Arthur Price to giveaway 50 children’s first cutlery sets. The cutlery sets look cute and are easy to handle by the little ones. The cutlery set is worth £12.50 each. To claim a free set for your kid, register your details on the following website. If you are the winner you will be notified and soon be receiving the Arthur Children’s Cutlery set at absolutely no cost. Head on to the link on below by 22nd November to be in the chances of winning the cutlery set for free.

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Children’s Posters from Frubes

Frubes Academy has got a number of cool stickers for the kids to collect. They are giving away free stickers for the little ones to start their own collection of the posters. Up are 10,000 free posters available so if you would like to get one for your child then head on to the link on below. You will come across a form which needs to be filled by you and hit on submit tab. The posters and stickers will be given only till the stocks last so hurry up.

Link for free stickers.

MAM Free Baby Products

MAM is giving away free products from their range now to the babies. You can now get your hands on the new Smoother or the Anti – Colic bottle for free. 100 lucky parents can have this for your baby to drink in a bottle that is free of germs. The products are specifically designed and have won the awards for the best innovation. Simply enter the link and log on by giving details to be in the chances of winning.

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Free Copies of Children Books

If you have an energetic toddler or kids at home then this is a chance for you to get it free. Annabel Karmal has got free copies of the Bing: Get Dressed children’s books that will interest your little one. Available are the 500 copies of this fun books filled with bright colours as well as pictures to draw the attention. Let your tod learn in a fun way by simply getting them a copy free. Head to the link below and enter the competition to be in the chances of winning a free copy of this book.

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Holiday Fun Book for Free

The Little Book of Holiday Fun is a book that helps kids with ideas to stay energetic and creative all year round. This book provides ample ideas to the mums and dads as to how to keep their little one engaged with fun games for the whole family to enjoy. If you are interested in getting a copy of this holiday fun book for free then head to the link on below. Fill up and submit the form as a request for the free copy of the Little Book of Holiday Fun.

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TFL Free Baby on Board Badge

TFL is giving away free ‘Baby on Board’ badge now. If you are a pregnant woman then this might be of good help to let others know that you may need a seat. Claim your free badge from the link below. Or just email your full name and address to TFL customer service centre at babyonboard@tfl.gov.uk or call this number 08432221234. Once you submit your request you can expect the badge in 3 days time. This offer is available for everyone.

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Safe Sleep for Babies Free Guide

Gro Company in partnering with FSID has taken steps to publish a catalogue to help your baby have a sound and safe sleep. The Safe Sleep Guide is published in the aim of reducing the risk of cot deaths for the little ones. So order a free copy of the guide and let your new born sleep safe. Enter the link below and fill up the form for them to send a free copy at your doorstep.

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Philips Avent due Date Club

The Due Date club is one of the leading experts in baby feeding and gives information if you are a new mum looking for any guidance. You can also get assisted on the nutrition your baby needs as well as maintaining the finance. To get free tips and useful information, simply register with them for free. By registering with them, the Philips Avent club will constantly give you updates, advice from experts along with exclusive discounts and offers to manage your finance. Click on the link below to register with the Due Date Club for free.

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Trial Nappy Kits for Free

Looking for a deal to save some bucks on your baby’s expense, then this is just the offer for the new mums to note at. Councils across the country are giving away nappy starter packs for free to trial them which saves a lot of £’s in your budget. The Natural Nursery website is now letting you try out the free nappies with lot of options for you to choose from. Enter in to their website by the link below and bet the best real nappy incentive scheme for you.

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Cow and Gate Free Cuddly Cow toy

Cow and Gate is a great care line for both the mum and the baby. They help and are with you from the little bump till the toddler stage of your little one. If you are going through your pregnancy then just join with Cow and Gate Mum & Baby club. They will send you free pregnancy diary to guide you from the bump till the baby’s birth and it is not just it but also you will receive a free cuddly cow toy from them. Join with them to enjoy all the above.

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Register with Heinz Baby Club for Offers

Heinz promises to give quality and healthy foods for your little one and give you advices helping you through the pregnancy as well as taking care for the baby. You can now join the Baby club for free and get most out of the club as a member. You will receive 5 mail packs with product samples, money- off vouchers and feeding guides and monthly emails with money-off vouchers which include great giveaways, meal planners, nutritional information, recipes and a unique baby book on their website. For all this, sign up for free tapping the link below.

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Free Little Holiday Fun Book

Want to make most out of this holiday with your energetic little kids without breaking the bank? Then this is exactly the book you need. The Little Book of Holiday Fun provides fresh ideas and inspiration on how to keep your kids entertained all year round, with holiday fun games. You can now request a free copy of this holiday book by entering the link below and by filling a short request form.

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Bebivita Free Mailing Pack

As a trusted baby food brand, it is one of the best selling brands which is of high quality and contains all the right nutrients for your growing baby. If your baby is ready to take in solid food, then try the new weaning spoons from Bebivita for you and your baby to feel comfortable while feeding. They are now giving away a free mailing pack containing weaving spoons. You can get your pack too on the link down by filling the details of yours. Also you can get money off voucher for your next purchase of their product.

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Welcome Gift by Philips AVENT for free

Expecting a baby soon and excited about being a new mum? Then this offer is for you from Philips AVENT, leading experts giving you all the information right from pregnancy, birth, nutrition and fitness of the baby. Get to know all the information for binging up a baby healthy by registering with them today for free if you are waiting for the new arrival and they will send you a free Welcome gift which will be despatched once you reach your second trimester.

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SMA Follow-on Milk Sachet Sample

Over about 90 years of experience in developing the baby milk and infant formulas is a reliable one for your precious little ones to get all the necessary nutrients for their complete growth. This SMA product is nutritionally more suitable than cows’ milk for babies and toddlers aged 6 months onwards as a part of mixed diet such that the baby also has an appetite for food. Give your baby the best complementing weaning diet, SMA Follow-on Milk Sachet, which is now been provided as free samples just for you to try.

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Free Copy of Halos n Horns’ ‘The Little Book of Holiday Fun’

Here’s a cute little book, ‘The Little Book of Holiday Fun’ packed with inspiration and fresh ideas plus holiday fun games to keep children (and also mums & dads) entertained all round the year as you get a copy of it absolutely free when you make a request online with Halos n Horns.

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Free Cow and Gate Cuddly Cow and Goodies

Cow and Gate is one of the leading baby feeding brands in UK. It is dedicated to provide tailored nutrition that babies like. By becoming a member of the Cow and Gate Mum and Baby club, you will receive heaps of practical advice, free goodies and support for a happy and healthy baby. Register for free today and get a free cuddly toy cow for free, free money off vouchers as well as a free pregnancy diary. By setting up a profile page, you can meet the other moms and share your experiences and also make new friends. With this free membership, you will be able to get free advice on pregnancy, baby development, baby care, and parenting too.

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Free Bepanthen Sample

Bepanthen is a safe and a gentle product for your baby. It contains no fragrance, preservatives and antiseptics. Take part in the online survey and receive free sample of Bepanthen for your baby’s nappy rash.

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